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  • Larka: munna yahin se bahar ata he??
    larki(muskuratay huay) : han lekin tm jhanko mat. Nazar nahi ae ga. Boht chota suraakh he.
    thodi der baad
    school ki bell bajti he. Munna bahr ata he, aur larka larki munnay ko le kr ghar chalay jatay hen.
    Suraakh gate me bi hota hai jaaani,
    lekin teri soch ko 21 topon ki salaami.
  • Pathan Hospital me Ultrasound karwane gaya.
    Shirt Utaro belt lose kar k ultay lait jao.
    Pathan ghabra k:
    Pehle Ultrasound na kar Lain?
  • Boy1:Meet my wife Tina
    Boy2.Oh! I know her
    Boy2:v were caught sleeping together
    Boy1:What the hell?
    Boy2.during lecture in maths class
    Think +ve
  • Boy: can i touch your software
    girl: first show me your hardware
    boy: should i install it in your system
    girl: cover it with antivirus and then install.
  • Two kids were lying on bed in same basket.
    1st: I am boy and you?
    2d: I don’t know.
    1st: wait I will see. He went into the blanket and said, you are a girl.
    2nd: how did you know?
    1st: because my socks are blue and your socks are pink.
  • Teacher:kaunsi cheez mu main nahi leni chahiye?
    Student:jalta hwa bulb.
    Student:Mummy papa say kh rahi thi
    pehle bulb bujhao phir mu me loon gi:-)
  • Wife computer on kartay huay boli:
    janu apna password batana ?
    Wife password enter kar kay hans hans kar chair say gir gai kyun kay computer ki screen par likha tha:
    “Your password is too short”
  • KISSING at the top,
    HOLDING at the middle and
    FIRE at the bottom!
    Do you know the ANSWER?
    Huh.. dont think dirty..
    Its a.. “CIGARETTE!
  • 5 inch ka hai
    Size normal hai
    Mazboot hai
    Ziada mota bi nahi hai
    2 larkian dekh chuki hain
    Lena hai to bolo
    Mera NOKIA 2310
  • Pehle gale se lagao, Phir kiss karo…
    Phir bed pe litao, Phir uske legs uthao..
    Agar bachhe ne susu kar dia, to pamper badlo.
  • Sardar on phone:
    Doctor my wife is pergnant.She is having pain right now.
    Doctor: Is this her first child?
    Sardar: No this is her husband speaking…
  • Agr Koi pyari si Girl Valentines Day per Apko “I LOVE YOU” Bole To 3 Baten Ho Sakti Hain
    1.Uski Ankhen Khrab Han
    2.Ya uska dimag khrab ha
    3.Ya Wo khud khrab hai
  • Teacher:
    Agr irada pakka ho to “JO” hasil krna chaho wo zrur milta hai.
    Rehne dein miss, agr aisa hota to aap meri
    Miss nhi, “Misses” hotein.
  • Agr apko 18 sal ki larki jhuk kr slam kry to apko uski kya chez nazr ayegi?
    Us ki achi tarbiat..
    Bhai hath j0rta h0n kbi to sahi s0cha kro
  • Aap ko ‘CHODA’..Aap ko pir ‘CHODA’Aap ko bar bar ‘CHODA’Aap ko hamesha hamesha k leye’CHODA AUGUST’ mubarik ho.Hahahahaaaa..
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  • During sexual session the girl says:”u r like a mobile phone!
    Boy: “Do I vibrate a lot?” Girl:”No, when u gets in 2 d tunnel u loose network.
  • What is kiss?
    Very simple, it’s an enquiry at the top floor about the vacancy in the ground floor.
    When girls wear tight fittings,
    Neither they are
    Boys are comfortable.
  • Pathan: How much money you will take
    Girl: 500 on bad
    200 on sofa
    100 on earth
    Pathan give 500
    Girl: You want on bad
    Pathan: No, I want on earth 5 times
  • Sales girl: sorry sir u can’t smoke here
    Customer: but i bought cigarette 4rm your shop
    sales girl: we sell condom also,
    but it doesn’t mean u start fucking us here.
  • Teacher to student:
    There is two type of sex on earth, male & female.
    A student: Teacher I know few more.
    Teacher: What?
    Student: Bedroom sex, bathroom sex and online sex.

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  • A GIRL Puts Her Fingers Near HOTEL MANAGER’S Lips.
    MANAGER Kisses n sucks Each Finger
    GIRL: Tell Your BOSS There Is No Tissue Paper In ur TOILET…
  • Sardar sent SMS to his BOSS:
    “Me sick, no work”Boss SMS back:
    “When I am sick I kiss my wife try it:
    “2 hours later sardar sms 2 boss:
    “Me ok, your wife very sweet”
  • 1 Admi k Pas 10 inch ka Ghora tha.
    Dost ne Pocha k ye kahan se lia hai?
    Wo bola k Pahar k pas 1 baba betha hai us se jo mango daita hai,
    lekin itna khayal rahy k wo ooncha sunta hai.
    Dost baba k pas Gya aur bola baba ji Mujhe HEERAY ki Bori do.
    Baba ne kuch parha to bori aa gai;
    wo le kr jb neechay aaya to us main KHEERAY thay.
    Us ne dost ko btaya k yar main ne to Heeray mangay thay Magar ye to Kheeray hain.
    Dost ne jwab dia k ‘Tumhain btaya to tha k baba ooncha sunta hai;
    Ab tujhy kia lgta hai k main ne 10 inch ka GHORA manga tha??
  • In Which Situation, Do Men Start Sweating
    In 10 Mins and Women Want To Go ON and ON and ON?
    Ans is SHOPPING!
    God Bless Your Naughty Mind!
  • Smile is the 2nd best thing You do with ur lips.
    Of course you know the first one…
    It’s keeping ur mouth shut.
    But I like the way You think!
  • It’s the thing that satisfies
    Ur mind, body and soul!
    Do it on bed, on a sofa,
    In the car or anywhere!
    It’s called Prayer!
    God bless ur naughty mind.
  • Chemistry Ki class mein teacher ne aik larki se pocha:
    What is “Nitrate” ?
    Larki sharma k boli:
  • When SHE cancels a date, it is because.
    “SHE HAS TO”
    When HE cancels a date, it is because..
    “HE HAS TWO”
  • A girl phoned me
    the other day and said …
    Come on over, there’s nobody home.
    I went over. Nobody was home

adult messages

  • Marital sex is holy;
    it should be kept sacred.
    Extra marital sex is immoral;
    it should be kept secret..:
  • Yar, ajkal Main boht Pareshan hon.
    Nend nhi aati?
    Sukon nhi?
    Kisi kam men dil be nhi lagta?
    Doctor ne mujhe kaha hy Ap ko,,,
  • Ek bar karo na please…
    Kisi ko pata nahi chalega…
    Please karo naaa…
    Muje acha lage ga…
    Ek bar hamari dosti ki khatri
    Kar do na please…
    Ek pyara sa SMS
  • A boy and girl go for shoping.
    Girl- (jokingly)- You have nothing in ur head then why are you buying a helmet?Boy- Yesterday you purchsed a bra, did i ask you anything..?
  • English teacher: Make a sentence using neither-nor?
    Boy: When girls wear tight fitting dresses, neither are they comfortable nor we.
  • Pappu to girlfriend : kya tumhare undrwear
    me 2 hole he?
    Girlfriend :nahi, besharam kahin k
    pappu: to pher taange kaha se dalti ho??
  • Daughter- mom, when can you be sure that a man is thinking of sex?
    Mom: put your finger near his nose, if he breathing, he is thinking of sex.
  • Talwaar baazi k mukaablay may ek Chinese nay baarik taar k do tukrray kr deay.
    Japani nay us say b baarik taar k tukrray kr deay.
    Pakistani nay machar urraya, talwaar ghumai or machar urrh gaya.
    Judge nay pucha,machar tou urrh gaya
    tou us nay kaha k urrh tu gaya par
    kbhi baap nai bn sakay ga!
  • Maine pucha chand se ki dekha hai koi,
    mere yaar sa haseen.Chand ne kaha..Bhosadike,
    Dimag ki maa mat chod. Itne upar se kya lavda dikhega.
  • Jab Se Mardo Ko Aapas Mein Pyar Karne Ki Permission Mili Hai,
    Tab Se Tailor Log Ek Naya Sawal Karne Lage Hai:
  • Boy And Girl Of Class to Asked Teacher:
    Can Kids Of Our Age Have Kids?
    Teacher Replied  NO Never!!
    Boy Said To Girl :
    See I Told You Not To Worry!!!!
  • I want to touch ur lips taste ur tongue smell ur breath hai wat hapen i am ur colgate
  • TERi lita k lu? Ya bitha k lu? Andhere main lu ya bulb jala k lu? ya tujhe karun khara ? ya teri jhuka k lu? Ab tu hi bata k main teri PHoto kaise lon?
  • 1 girl ask 2 pappu : woh kia hai jo cow k paas 4 or mere paas 2 hain? pappu : legs Girl : woh kia hai jo tumhari pant main hai aur meri pant mein nahi hai? pappu: paisay Girl : woh kia hai jo log din main karne k bajaye rat ko krty han papu  bistar [...]
  • Bihari Babu- Aare o doctor..!
    kaise nasbandi kiye ho hamari?
    Biwi firse maa banne wali hai..!
    Dr.- Burbaak hum nasbandi tohar kiye hai,
    Poore bihar ki nahi
  • girl- aj mat dalo
    boy- kyo?
    girl-kal tum daal k so gya. bahut dard hua, me puri raat maslti rahi or pani bhi nikalta rha mujhe lagata hai ye-
    ki kami hay
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